Specializing in the reissue of historical recordings.
All CDs are sent as CD-R.  Unless I unexpectedly sell more than
500 copies of an issue, it is financially unfeasable to have them
"pressed."  All CDs are guarranteed. 
Leedscatlin Records does not use noise reduction software on the historical releases.  Users
are encouraged to use their own noise reducing procedures according
to individual taste.
Leedscatlin Release #001
Jewish/Yiddish Music recorded in New York:  1913-1919  

Release date:  September 2003 
Category:  ethnic 
Tracks:  23 
Time:  72 minutes 


Leedscatlin Release #002
The Early Recorded Violin, Volume 1.  1904-1940 

Release date:  October 2005 
Category:  Classical 
Tracks:  16 
Time:  67 minutes 


Leedscatlin Release #003
Western Winter Wonderland:  The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release date:  December 2008
Category:  contemporary instrumental
Tracks:  20
Time:  65 minutes 



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